Our Approach

Our Approach to Hospitality Management

Differentiation in a Sea of Sameness​

In the age of search engines and online booking sites, hotel rooms have become highly commoditized. Unlike most commodities, however, the revenue of an empty room can never be recovered the next day. Meanwhile, fixed costs keep running. To rise above this challenge, we look for ways to differentiate and elevate a property from those surrounding it. For example, it’s essential that every hotel we manage feature a compelling site location and a unique physical character within the brand standards.

In addition to differentiating the property through our development efforts, we analyze the market extensively, identifying the marketing and sales strategies that will produce the most amount of new business. Finally, we approach every project with an entrepreneurial mentality, looking for ways to deploy limited financial resources to produce the best yield and incremental return.

Benefits of Working with Hospitality America:

Flexibility – Long or short-term full P&L responsibility contracts; limited scope assignments; interim management; staff support services; asset management.
Marketing Expertise – Property-specific, cost-effective, results measured.
Optimum Size – Focused attention to clients’ hotels by Hospitality America principals unburdened by big firm corporate politics and procedural delays.
People – Talented, experienced managers who utilize proven systems and solutions to maximize profits.

“It is the mission of Hospitality America to provide owners, institutions and investors with timely, focused and effective management and consulting services. We will accomplish this mission while treating our clients and employees respectfully in a professional, ethical and fiscally responsible manner.”


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