Our Pledge

Our Pledge of Performance in Hospitality Management

Always Delivering What We Promise​

“We only accept assignments for which we can deliver what we promise.” – Christopher Cargen, Hospitality America CEO & President

In many ways, this simple but challenging pledge has shaped how we have grown our portfolio of properties over the years. Our intentional preference for quality over quantity has been an approach that has served our clients well, and it’s one we still value and follow today. That said, it’s only one part of the performance pledge that we make to you, the client.

What You Can Expect:

Results – We will deliver results swiftly and cost-effectively.
Responsiveness – We will act and communicate rapidly.
Reliability – We will do what is right for the hotel and the client.
Commitment – We will only accept projects for which we can deliver what we promise.
Asset Value Improvement – We will protect and increase the value of the assets we manage.


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