Full-Service Hotel Management, Property Development, & Consulting

We are proud to offer services that span the hospitality spectrum. Let us leverage our vast and varied experience to help you achieve operational excellence.


Hospitality America offers a full range of consulting services relating to hotels, inns, resorts and private clubs. Over the years, we have produced numerous market, feasibility and situation analysis studies for a fraction of the fees charged by larger hospitality consulting groups. We are also well-suited to evaluate and engage the work of third-party feasibility, CPA and appraisal firms. We can offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Site Selection
  • Flag Selection
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Building and Interior Design
  • FF&E Purchasing
  • Financial Reviews
  • Marketing and Sales Programs
  • Interim Management

New Construction & Renovation

Developing a new hotel is a complex undertaking. The good news is that we know what it takes to plan, design and deliver a project that combines quality construction with operational efficiency. If you have already selected partners for your project, we can work with a pre-defined development team, or we can take the lead in assembling and engaging a compatible team of our own – one that typically consists of a feasibility or appraisal firm, lenders, architects, civil engineers, contractors and interior designers.

For projects involving renovation, we recognize the care required to blend the old with the new in order to produce the desired aesthetic. We also understand the importance of managing costs effectively. For that reason, we’re always looking for ways to derive the “biggest bang for the buck.”

Whether the project is new construction or renovation, we strive to keep the project on track to avoid cost overruns due to missed completion dates. Most of all, we strive to deliver a product that competes effectively in its targeted market, achieves operational success and maximizes the return on investment.

Property Management

Our approach to hotel management is one of quality, not quantity. In reviewing the potential of a new asset, it’s not unusual for us to evaluate a dozen or more potential scenarios. Many of these scenarios are ultimately rejected for a lack of the critical components we deem necessary for success.

Our strict adherence to our own internal criteria for success has led to a track record of proven performance – an achievement recognized by both Hilton® Corporation and Marriott® Corporation. All of our managed properties have produced occupancies, average rates, revenue per available room (RevPAR) and gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR) that substantially exceed original performance and system-wide averages.

All of the properties we currently operate are managed under long-term contracts that are based on solid results and the earned trust of our investors and clients. While too many to list here, below is a sampling of the property management services we provide:

  • Accounting and Control Systems
  • Audits and Operational Reviews
  • Brand Compliance
  • Corporate and Franchise Training
  • Cost Containment Strategies
  • Facilities Maintenance and Oversight
  • Financial Reporting
  • Sales and Marketing Programs

Acquisitions & Receivership

In addition to perfecting our methodologies for the management and operations of hotels, we have also developed keen insights and strategies for those interested in hotel, resort and club acquisitions. From pre-purchase due diligence to negotiating the best deal to closing the transaction, we can help with every aspect of an acquisition. Furthermore, because we have deep-rooted relationships with property owners, managers and lenders across the industry, we can connect investors with the most attractive assets available.

Distressed properties is another area where we can help. If a property is struggling to realize its full investment potential, we can implement a strategic plan that will help improve operational efficiency, gain market share and secure more revenue. We have a history of helping distressed properties and can act as a court-appointed receiver. By utilizing our vast experience in the hospitality industry and our in-depth knowledge of the receivership process, we can help turn things around and can even take over an asset if necessary.


Are you interested in learning more about our capabilities? We’re here to answer your questions and provide you with additional information. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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